Our mission is to build better men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development.


The college experience is filled with many opportunities! There are opportunities to pursue academic, athletic and social interests. However, these different opportunities, alone, are not always enough for most students. When Chi Phi was founded at Princeton University in 1824, the founding members united to form a group of men that were bound in a sacred friendship. They united because the other organizations, at the time, were lacking the outlet they needed to better themselves as men. So, they set out to fill the void and ended up starting what would become the nation’s first men’s social fraternity, Chi Phi. The Chi Phi Fraternity has proven to be an organization where men of like minds come together, bonding as they pursue their varying interests. If you, too, are looking for something different, something life changing, something that will define your college experience and allow you to build lifelong friendships, then look no further.

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